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Michael Jackson Taxi Driver billie jean Cool 
Real Car Chases 7 Real Car Chases Way Crazier Than Anything in the Movies Cool 
Can't wait bart scott Fun 
Take that with you Dirk Fun 
Asteroid tags along on Earth's orbit i knew it Interesting 
Cornel West speech Interesting 
Cornel West - Part 2 speech Interesting 
Cornel West - Part 3 speech Interesting 
Dying language  Interesting 
Plant evolved a bat beckoning beacon things nature can do Interesting 
Engineering Exchange news Nerd 
Inverted Pendulum Engineering cybernetics at the University of Stuttgart Nerd 
AMATH 352 Spring 2011: Linear Algebra School 
Computing download EEEEEEEEEEE School 
EE 448 Winter 2011 School 
EE 449 Spring 2011: Controls Engineering Capstone Design School 
EE 542 Advanced Embedded Systems Design School 
EE 543 Winter 2011: Models of Robot Manipulation (Login) School 
EE 576 Spring 2011: Computer Vision School 
EEEEEEEEEEE Electrical Engineering @UW School 
EE Stores Datasheets School  School 
HUSKIES!!! University of Washington School 
MSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MSEE Requirements and Procedures  School 
MyUW MyUW Login School 
74 Series Logic ICs Description of 74 series logic ICs Study 
FPGA Materials on FPGA Study 
FPGA vs. ASIC summary of differences between using FPGA and ASIC Study 
FPGA vs. ASIC Design Flow videoooo Study 
Power consumption different types of power consumption  Study 
Quartus Hints Equations Report Study 
Stacking an Arduino, Ethernet shield and an Xbee shield  Study 
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